A Beginner’s Guide to Baccarat


Originally played in France, the game has spread across the world. Baccarat is a favorite of high rollers and has a wide array of side bets to keep the action going. This popular casino game has become more readily available in the United States over the years. In fact, it accounts for 18% of total casino win on the Las Vegas Strip.

Baccarat is a simple game to play and requires no skill. The objective is to guess which of the three propositions will come out on top at the next round. You can also choose to bet on either the Player hand or the Banker hand. The banker is usually the best bet since the house edge is slightly lower on the Banker bet. The odds of winning a hand on the Banker bet are around 1.2 percent.

The first two cards dealt to each player are known as the “natural” and are considered a winner. If your first two cards total eight or nine, you’ve won the hand. Similarly, if you’re the banker, you’ll win the hand if your first two cards total five, six, or seven. The only time you’ll lose your hand is if you’ve been dealt a total that’s higher than nine.

The third card is drawn by the dealer. He will draw to either the Player or Banker hand. The draw is usually done to increase the number of cards that are dealt. In other words, he will try to beat the hand with a higher wager.

There are a few baccarat plays you should know early on. The first is the Tie bet. This is a bet on whether or not the Player and Banker will end up with the same number of points at the end of the game. If the Player and Banker finish with the same number of points, you’ve won your Tie bet. In all other cases, you’ve lost your bet.

The first two cards dealt to the banker are the most important ones. He’ll stand on a five or six or bet on a seven. If he’s got a seven, you should not draw a card. The banker will decide to take the third card based on the information he has.

The player’s hand is the second most important one. The player’s hand must be the best of the two cards that were dealt. The oblong chips made by European casinos make the game look more exciting. The player’s hand must add up to at least ten and aces are worth one. The face cards are a zero, so if the player’s hand is a seven and the dealer has a seven, the player will not draw a card.

The best bet on the table is the Banker bet. The house edge for this bet is a tad over 1.06 percent. It’s a smart move, because the average American gambler isn’t likely to bet on the Banker hand.