Start Planning your Kids Birthday Party today!

Tips for Kids Birthday Party

All parents want to have the absolute best things for their children. One important thing that you must do for your kids each year to ensure their happiness is to throw them a great birthday party. Starting around age five, once your kids are in schools, birthday parties will be a thing that you must do.

All children want to have a birthday party around this age because it helps them make friends and celebrate themselves. All kids want to have a day that is about themselves and a birthday party is a perfect opportunity to do this. If your child has a birthday coming up soon here are some tips you can do to ensure you throw a great and successful party.

#1) Know Your Budget

You can throw an elaborate and great kid’s birthday party on a budget. There is no reason to go overboard because your child will likely be happy with anything that you choose to do for them. Recent statistics found that most parents spend an average of 400 dollars for their kids birthday party, before purchasing presents.

If you can afford to spend this much there is nothing stopping you, but remember it is only one day. Your child and your guests will not remember if you have pizza or steak for the meal. Make the day about your child and the things that they want but remember your budget during the planning stages.

#2) Choose Your Party Date

If your child’s birthday falls during the week you will likely need to pick a different date for the party. Most kids throw their parties on the weekend, and Saturday is the most popular day. Planning the date early and sending out invitations can help ensure that you get as many kids there as possible. There is nothing worse than another kid in the class planning a birthday party on the same day. Coordinate with the teacher to find out if there are other birthdays around the same day as your child.

#3) Choose Your Location

There are many options as to where you can host your child’s birthday party. You should ask your child for some recommendations and help them find places within the budget. If it is nice weather and you have a large yard you can always use your house to host the party. This can help you save money. It also allows increased flexibility when it comes to picking the party date.

If your child is set on having a party hosted in a different location you should give them options. Children may suggest something that is too expensive or even a place that does not host parties.

#4) Choose Your Theme

The theme of your kid’s birthday party should be left up to the child. Since it is your child’s birthday they should have complete say over the theme that they get to have. Some shy kids may not be able to think of a theme on their own and may need some guidance. You can give you little one about five different themes to choose from. Bounce house rentals can also add themed banners to the front to match your party theme.

Once you know your theme make sure you plan the party around the theme. You will need to have invitations, a cake, party bags, and decorations that all fit the theme. The more unique the theme the more difficult it may be to find decorations. Keeping your theme simple may ease the party planning.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to the theme is that people may get presents for your child that reflect the theme. Make sure your child loves the theme before choosing it.

#5) Make The Guest List

Your guest list should include all of your kid’s friends and everyone that they want to have at the party. If your child is in school you should check with the school about how they handle birthday party invitations. Some schools will only let you hand out invitations if you invite everyone in the class. This is important to remember because the venue you choose may not fit everyone in a class.

If you want to have family at the party as well as friends you need to choose a venue that is large enough to accommodate everyone. If this is unrealistic you may need to have two separate parties for your child. You can have one for friends and one for family. This may seem like a lot but you can reuse the decorations and party materials for both parties.

Planning and hosting a child’s birthday party can be stressful but following these tips can help. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed make some to-do lists to help you reduce your stress. Make your child a part of the decisions and give them some of the responsibility to help reduce your own.