Sleeping to Erase Memories?

You’ve had a really bad day, and there were definitely moments you would rather forget.  Or maybe you have a tough decision ahead of you and you just can’t figure out what to do.  Well, the old saying is holding true as new scientific evidence has been found that supports the notion of “sleeping on” your problems.

                It is all about how your brain figures out which memories it should store and which memories it should delete at the end of the day.  It is a daily process that occurs each night during REM (round eye movement) sleep.  So, it may have not been all been in people’s minds, after all—the latest scientific evidence says that there are neurons which produce melanin active during sleep.

                These neurons are responsible for helping your brain decide which memories it should keep overnight.  Which memories does the brain decide to keep, and why?  It has to do with the emotional attachment that the brain has given to the memory.  If it has an emotional attachment, the memory is saved.  If the memory does not have an emotional attachment, the brain feels that it is not important enough to save, and the memory is deleted by these neurons.

                If you’ve had a bad day, it is very likely that if you can let go of the issue for the night, your brain will decide how important it really is for you. 

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