What is gynostemma?

Gynostemma for a Healthier You

Gynostemma also known as “Jiaogulan”. It is an adaptogenic herb from Southern China. Since it is an adaptogen, it can bring your whole body back into balance. An adaptogen works to counteract the effects of stress in the body by placing your body back in balance. Gynostemma accomplishes this balance by protecting your body and mind from the stress so your body can focus on healing itself and going back to a balanced state. Gynostemma will help with the immune system, digestive system, nervous system, and the cardiovascular system.



Many people often compare Gynostemma to Ginseng. However, Gynostemma has the largest amount of saponins of any natural plant. Saponins are known to have many health benefits such as decreasing blood lipids, lowering cancer risks and lowering blood glucose. With Gynostemma having 80 saponins, it has four times the amount found in Ginseng therefore having a stronger effect on the immune system to help your body fight outside toxins and return to a natural balance. Gynostemma is much stronger than ginseng.

Gynostemma Uses

In China and all over the World, Gynostemma is used for a variety of reasons due to its ability to help your balance your normal body processes.

Weight Loss

Gynostemmas adaptogenic characteristics bring the body back to a normal weight. Gynostemma can help you gain weight if you are too skinny or help you lose weight if you are too heavy. It’s as if Gynostemma looks at where your body should be and puts you in the proper place.

Blood Sugar

Gynostemma can help regulate your blood sugar. Regulating the body’s blood sugar can keep the body from the “sugar crash”. Regulating the blood sugar can help mitigate diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Eliminates Toxins

A benefit of Gynostemma is maintaining a healthy bowel function by eliminating toxins in your bowels. This cleansing action is how the toxins are eliminated from the body. Less toxins in your bowels can mean a body more in balance.

Immune System

The power anti-oxidants in Gynostemma can help the immune system by increasing the white blood cells and assisting the liver in times of stress to help fight infections

Nervous System

The nervous system responds to Gynostemma by relaxing. At the same time Gynostemma can lift your mood when depressed, it can calm you down if too excited. This emphasizes the fact Gynostemma puts your body in balance providing what it needs when. Balance is key to a healthy body and Gynostemma helps to keep your body in balance.


By lowering the bad cholesterol and increasing the good, Gynostemma can help with your overall cholesterol. Gynostemma can lower high blood pressure by increasing coronary flow and decreasing the vascular resistance. Less stress on the heart and vascular system means a healthier you.

Gynostemma for a Healthier You

Gynostemma has grown in its followers due to the balancing qualities it has on the body. It is a very respected herb when it comes to adaptogen characteristics such as regulating blood pressure, the immune system and increasing longevity. With the long use of this herb in Asian medicine, the adaptogen qualities have been tried and true. The use of Gynostemma can support a long and health life working with your own body to make sure it stays in balance.

Sleeping to Erase Memories?

You’ve had a really bad day, and there were definitely moments you would rather forget.  Or maybe you have a tough decision ahead of you and you just can’t figure out what to do.  Well, the old saying is holding true as new scientific evidence has been found that supports the notion of “sleeping on” your problems.

                It is all about how your brain figures out which memories it should store and which memories it should delete at the end of the day.  It is a daily process that occurs each night during REM (round eye movement) sleep.  So, it may have not been all been in people’s minds, after all—the latest scientific evidence says that there are neurons which produce melanin active during sleep.

                These neurons are responsible for helping your brain decide which memories it should keep overnight.  Which memories does the brain decide to keep, and why?  It has to do with the emotional attachment that the brain has given to the memory.  If it has an emotional attachment, the memory is saved.  If the memory does not have an emotional attachment, the brain feels that it is not important enough to save, and the memory is deleted by these neurons.

                If you’ve had a bad day, it is very likely that if you can let go of the issue for the night, your brain will decide how important it really is for you. 

                Want to learn more about this study?  See more at exploredwellness.com

Start Planning your Kids Birthday Party today!

Tips for Kids Birthday Party

All parents want to have the absolute best things for their children. One important thing that you must do for your kids each year to ensure their happiness is to throw them a great birthday party. Starting around age five, once your kids are in schools, birthday parties will be a thing that you must do.

All children want to have a birthday party around this age because it helps them make friends and celebrate themselves. All kids want to have a day that is about themselves and a birthday party is a perfect opportunity to do this. If your child has a birthday coming up soon here are some tips you can do to ensure you throw a great and successful party.

#1) Know Your Budget

You can throw an elaborate and great kid’s birthday party on a budget. There is no reason to go overboard because your child will likely be happy with anything that you choose to do for them. Recent statistics found that most parents spend an average of 400 dollars for their kids birthday party, before purchasing presents.

If you can afford to spend this much there is nothing stopping you, but remember it is only one day. Your child and your guests will not remember if you have pizza or steak for the meal. Make the day about your child and the things that they want but remember your budget during the planning stages.

#2) Choose Your Party Date

If your child’s birthday falls during the week you will likely need to pick a different date for the party. Most kids throw their parties on the weekend, and Saturday is the most popular day. Planning the date early and sending out invitations can help ensure that you get as many kids there as possible. There is nothing worse than another kid in the class planning a birthday party on the same day. Coordinate with the teacher to find out if there are other birthdays around the same day as your child.

#3) Choose Your Location

There are many options as to where you can host your child’s birthday party. You should ask your child for some recommendations and help them find places within the budget. If it is nice weather and you have a large yard you can always use your house to host the party. This can help you save money. It also allows increased flexibility when it comes to picking the party date.

If your child is set on having a party hosted in a different location you should give them options. Children may suggest something that is too expensive or even a place that does not host parties.

#4) Choose Your Theme

The theme of your kid’s birthday party should be left up to the child. Since it is your child’s birthday they should have complete say over the theme that they get to have. Some shy kids may not be able to think of a theme on their own and may need some guidance. You can give you little one about five different themes to choose from. Bounce house rentals can also add themed banners to the front to match your party theme.

Once you know your theme make sure you plan the party around the theme. You will need to have invitations, a cake, party bags, and decorations that all fit the theme. The more unique the theme the more difficult it may be to find decorations. Keeping your theme simple may ease the party planning.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to the theme is that people may get presents for your child that reflect the theme. Make sure your child loves the theme before choosing it.

#5) Make The Guest List

Your guest list should include all of your kid’s friends and everyone that they want to have at the party. If your child is in school you should check with the school about how they handle birthday party invitations. Some schools will only let you hand out invitations if you invite everyone in the class. This is important to remember because the venue you choose may not fit everyone in a class.

If you want to have family at the party as well as friends you need to choose a venue that is large enough to accommodate everyone. If this is unrealistic you may need to have two separate parties for your child. You can have one for friends and one for family. This may seem like a lot but you can reuse the decorations and party materials for both parties.

Planning and hosting a child’s birthday party can be stressful but following these tips can help. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed make some to-do lists to help you reduce your stress. Make your child a part of the decisions and give them some of the responsibility to help reduce your own.

Qualia Review for All You Curious Cats

You want to excel in your job. Well, that’s pretty good for you. Putting your hands on a brain supplement can give your brain more, a power to achieve goals. So Qualia can give you what you need in no time. We will be talking a little bit about what Qualia can do for you so you can get what you want.

Amazing Ingredients

Qualia is made of some amazing ingredients that you will love in no time. This is not a cheap nootropic out there, but you can get that you need. Your cognitive functions might get the enhancement they need with Qualia by your side. Neurohacker Collective is the company behind this product, and they have an interesting mission. This firm has a strong work ethic, according to them. The website of Qualia is truly well made, which means that they have spent good money on it. This will allow them to convince more visitors of buying Qualia right away.

Tackling the Unknown

Qualia will allow you to better tackle the unknown right away. The Qualia could be the brain supplement you need to keep your brain working at its peak. There are 42 ingredients in this product, and you need to know more about them. Qualia has nootropic compounds such as the famous theobromine. This substance will reduce your cough in a short period of time, but it has other effects. But you must also know that theobromine has been related to prostate cancer at some degree. Qualia also has neuro-vitamins such as the famous vitamin B5.

Tons of Vitamins

Since Qualia has a lot of vitamins belonging to the complex B, you will get tons of health benefits for your brain. Remember that vitamins are building blocks of your body, and they can keep your body healthier longer. Qualia also has antioxidants and neuro-anti inflammatories. The green tea extract is particularly famous and useful for you to keep your body and brain working at their peak performance over time. Remember also that antioxidants will allow you to fight the damaging effects of free radicals giving you more health down the road.

You must also know that Qualia contains adaptogens. These substances are not proved to be 100% good for many things in the human body. So you need to think about this fact right away. We must also say that you will not find a lot of information about the company behind Qualia. They don’t even say that Qualia has been approved by the FDA or anything like that. So you need to be careful about using Qualia, and your doctor should have the last word here. Qualia also has tons of amino acids such as taurine. This substance is paramount for your cardiovascular function and the skeletal muscles including your retina.

Qualia also has choline donors, which are truly essential to the proper functioning of your liver. This product also has neuro-minerals including magnesium threonate. Qualia has been designed to take your cognitive abilities to the next level, and your nervous system will get a great enhancement right away. We need to point out here that Qualia has strong ingredients, according to its creators. These ingredients have passed tests that are more difficult to pass than those of the FDA`s. So you need to think about what Qualia can do for you down the road too.


  • Qualia has some of the best ingredients out there.
  • This product has ingredients that are truly potent.
  • The price of this product is affordable.
  • You will get the item shipped quickly.
  • You can also get a discount if you know where to find a coupon online right away.
  • There is a money-back goatee that you can take advantage of whenever you want to.


  • The company behind this product might not be quite serious about it.
  • Many ingredients of the product might not be too good for you down the road.

Remember that Qualia is here to stay because it has some powerful ingredients. But you must also understand that your doctor has the last word when it comes to using products such as this one because you will always get a good advice from this health professional. He or she will be truly by your side in this matter.

Smart Drugs: What You Need To Know About Increasing Brain Power

In today’s modern grind, there are plenty of us who are handling stressful jobs, juggling work and school and going through the waves of the fast-paced life to achieve our lifelong dreams. There are times when we need an extra brain boost in order for us to perform better and remember things much more accurately and intelligently. A report in the UK has stated that 25% of students use drugs to perform better. In the US, particularly in California, people in the tech industry would turn to Adderall and LSD to improve their brain function and perform their project more efficiently as this is most important ever.

Nootropics is sometimes known as “smart drugs” these are drugs that help increase your brain capacity and function; these are popular ways to give your mind an extra boost especially when you need it the most. These drugs are known to improve cognitive performance and give your brain a higher boost.

In this article we are going to discuss a few Nootropics that are sold on the market today how exactly they affect your brain function. Read up and find out more about these smart drugs used to enhance cognitive performance.

1. Modafinil (Provigil)

This drug is quite famous among UK students. This Nootropic enhances your brain function, improves your cognition and motivation in your daily activities. It keeps you awake throughout the day like caffeine. It is usually used to treat daytime sleepiness and narcolepsy.

This drug is especially helpful for when you want to study for an exam and need more hours of focus and motivation. Modafinil is proven to give your mind the kind of wakefulness it needs to endure long hours of studying.

2. Adderall (amphetamine in addition to the dextroamphetamine)

Much like Modafinil, Adderall is a wakefulness drug, it contains the combination of the amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, which are the central nerve system stimulants chemicals that affect cognitive functions in the brain as well as nerves, these chemicals contribute to the hyperactivity as well as impulse control. Adderall overall improves attention span, motivational focus to do work, and short-term memories, it does all this by increasing dopamine that is released in your prefrontal cortex. This drug also decreases fatigue and is commonly used on college campuses.

3. Racetams

Racetams can be used to enhance brain function and cognition, it helps verbal memory and is usually used before engaging in public speaking, learning, and memory. Racetams generally improves the central nerve system receptors, which improves your brain function. It also decreases your anxiety helping you to be confident. In some cases, Racetams, improve audio-visual functions and make these experiences more stimulating.

4. Rhodiola Rosea

The previous drugs we enumerated are all prescription drugs, another natural alternative to Nootropics is Rhodiola Rosea. This drug is commonly used to fight depression and help people cope with stress. This natural chemical compound is believed to improve memory and increased productivity; it is also a good tonic for the body and mind. It was previously used by Russians and Scandinavians to help them do better at work and stop the feeling of being burned out during regular work days.

Rhodiola Rosea helps prevent the effects of stress by improving your mood and restoring your energy, affecting your overall performance and outlook and motivation. This natural high-altitude plant is used for longevity.

If you’re looking for a natural alternative for brain cognition enhancers, then Rhodiola Rosea is the Nootropic that you are looking for. Various studies, including an experiment conducted by medical doctors with night shifts, testified that taking Rhodiola Rosea helped them improve their brain function and allowed them to stay up for even longer periods of time.

There will be a lot of instances where we would need the extra brain boost to help us achieve the daily grind and workload. It is much important that we take into consideration the effects of these drugs. One way of doing that is by doing research before intake or going natural. Taking Rhodiola Rosea is one of the safest ways to enhance cognition without side effects that you might regret after. Rhodiola Rosea alters molecular networks in the brain telling it to do better and positioning you into a much more productive and smart mood.